10 Lessons from Passionate Billionaires

Passion Billioinaires


They fly private
Own expensive toys like: yachts, helicopters, mansions & luxury cars
Own sports teams
Throw lavish parties

But they also….

Fund charities
Support causes
Bring new innovation
Influence millions
Want to do good in the world
And throw down millions if they believe in it.

But not all Billionaires, of course, we’re talking…


The ones that live by the essential life pillars of: Passion, Purpose, and Giving Back.

Let’s be real.

They’re fascinating.

That got me to thinking….

How do you get to that level?
How do you find that passion?
Live that passion?
And make an impact?

What’s the secret to being a Passionate, Conscious Billionaire? 

The list below is the answer to those questions.

#1 Live with Passion


When you live with passion, work is play and play is work.

There is no stark separation or difference.

Because you enjoy all of it,  you're passionate.

None of the billionaires we looked at, have to work.

Not a single one.

If they wanted to, they could never "work" again and sip margaritas on a tropical beach all day....

And the money would keep rolling...

But every single keeps an active working life

Because there's passion there.

There's a fire burning,

there's a purpose.

When your passion's grounded to something deep & something meaningful....

You persevere, you keep going, your passion fuels you.

The results are incredible.

The  examples we see around us speak for themselves.

#2 Live for a Higher Cause

passion purpose

When you're living on a level of passion so deep, the passion extends beyond you to a higher cause.

The pain of losing a loved one, led billionaire Elizabeth Holmes  to helping others detect disease early with a drop of blood...

Sheryl Sandberg's struggles in male dominated industries (where few women are at the top), made Sheryl take on a passion for empowering women and teaching them how to own their success....

Mark Zuckerbug was fuelled by his mission to help people all over the world connect more easily and freely...

Every one of the billionaires listed lives for a higher cause.

#3 Your Struggles Don't Define You, Your Attitude Does


Without a doubt, life's gonna throw you some wildcards!

Some of those cards will involve struggle.

Whether it's dyslexia like Richard Branson, sexual abuse like Oprah, or depression like Elon Musk....

We're all gonna face struggle at some point.

But despite the hardships they encountered in life, these billionaires didn't let them define them or limit them.

Oprah could've quit early in her career saying the industry was too racist or sexist....

Richard Branson could have blamed failure on his learning disability...

Elon Musk could've blamed failure on his darker days....

But none of them did that.

Instead they rose above their challenges, they took them on head on,

they persevered in spite of them

And in that moment, that they chose to face and overcome the struggle...

They became greater for it.

#4 Meaning Comes From Giving

passion to help

Despite being the richest man in the world at one point, money wasn't enough.

Bill Gates chose to focus his life on philanthropic causes, leaving his "baby" Microsoft behind.

The same company that made him rich and famous.

The same company that made him a Billionaire.

The calling to give back was greater.

With so much wealth amassed during his lifetime, there was an inherent obligation to give back.

Under the influence of his wife, this led to the creation of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

The largest private foundation in the world, focused on tackling issues like: poverty, global health and more.

Look at the list of these Billionaires and you'll see how they ALL give back in the form of time AND money.

Whether it's giving budding entrepreneurs capital (Richard Branson, Sara Blakely),

building schools in Africa (Oprah)

or nurturing our imagination (JK Rowling & Elon Musk)

Conscious Billionaires all give back.

#5 Your Best Days Are Now


They're not in the past.

They're not gone forever.

There's no such thing as "the golden years"

The golden years RIGHT NOW and the future is exciting.

Ask any Conscious Billionaire what they're excited about....

and they'll point to a project they're working on at the moment

or a project coming down the pipes.

Life is good now and the future is compelling.

Take Elon Musk, he's hoping to bring human colonization to Mars.

The past was awesome sure, he founded 3 companies all valued at over a Billion: Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX

But the future is even more compelling than the past and the best days are now.

#6 Drop out of School


Richard Branson dropped out of high school.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard.

Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford.

Mark Zuckerburg dropped out of Harvard.

And they're all Billionaires.

Who needs an education? Really?

#6  ...HAHA JK! Let Your Gut Do The Thinking


Those Billionaires dropped out of school because their GUT was telling them it was the right thing to do.

The calling for their passion was greater.

Even though, lots of people would say the "logical" or rationale decision is to finish school first

These Billionaires trusted their gut above all else, and it paid handsomely.

#7 Do Whatever It Takes When It's Your True Calling


Drop Out of School haha jk...

Risk Failure

  • Every single one of the Conscious Billionaires we looked at

Risk Your Entire Fortune

  • Elon Musk when he put $100 million of his own money from Paypal proceeds to fund SpaceX)....

 Risk Your Reputation

  • Sheryl Sandberg when she went from working prestigious jobs to working at a "startup" Facebook....

Risk Embarrassment

  • Warren Buffet when he wrote a letter to his investors (at the time family and friends) saying he wasn't sure and was admitting it because he was going into unchartered territory.

    In a nutshell: Do whatever it takes when it's your true calling

 #8 Be Your Own Benchmark


Like Bill Gates and Paul Allen said "we set the benchmark".

What Sara Blakely, Elizabeth Holmes, Mark Zuckerbug, Elon Musk, JK Rowling invented....

Didn't exist yet!

The world was full of:

  • bulging muffin tops before Sara Blakely

  • painful blood tests before Elizabeth Holmes

  • forgotten relationships before Mark Zuckerburg

  • fuel burning vehicles before Elon Musk

  • vampire obsessions before JK Rowling

What they did was new.

There was no benchmark.

These Billionaires made the benchmark

And defined that benchmark.

#9 Take Responsibility of Your Life


It's no secret that these Billionaires are in control and in charge of their lives.

Rather than being powerless by....

Blaming others

Blaming circumstances

Blaming timing

Or other external factors

The Billionaires take responsibility for creating the life they want.

It would have been easy to give up and blame:

  • a bad agent for JK Rowling

  • racism for Oprah

  • steep competition for Richard Branson 

But these Billionaires chose to take matters into their own hands,

and take control by looking at the things they had power over like:

their effort

their mindset

their perseverance

their perspective

By taking responsibility of their own lives, these Billionaires become:

More Resourceful

And More Successful

#10 Always Keep Growing


No matter the Billions

No matter the number of lives touched

No matter the list of achievements and accomplishments....

These Billionaires ALL keep going and keep Growing.


  • Striving to do more

  • Striving to be more

  • Striving to serve more

Always striving to be greater in every sense of the word.

#11 Ahhh what the heck...One more! Live Fully


When you're living life on a higher level.....

Living your passion

Contributing on a higher level

Giving back

Living life with meaning

There's always more you want to do.

But if, the moment came when your time is up

You'll have lived your life so fully that as Mark Twain put it,

"even the undertaker will be sorry"

Live your life fully,

And even if that moment is your last,

you'll be glad the way you lived it.

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