The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

What Happens When….

Your Life Flashes Before Your Eyes?

In the book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,  Julian is your typical, fast paced, lawyer

chasing down all the bling and riches in his belief that material things lead to happiness.

After a heart attack in the courtroom

Julian re-evaluates his life and

seeks to find meaning and spirituality in his life.

This leads him to embark on some very interesting adventures where he eventually becomes a monk but still returns to the firm to share his knowledge with a young lawyer.

The reason I loved this book was because of the

universality of the truths

contained within it and the hope it ignites within you as a reader.

Full of life treasures, this book has strongly influenced my way of thinking.

Just like my mom passed down this little treasure to me, I recently did the same and bought this book for my best friend.

Here’s a recap of the best lessons from the book.

Lessons Learned in Life: 

Although the book outlines life lessons for the reader, I wanted to share what I got out of the book on a more personal level.

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears

In the book, it wasn’t until Julian was open to the possibility of life having meaning beyond

Armani suits

expensive dinners

and champagne

that life presented him with the opportunity to change paths.

I believe this to be true in life as well.

You can tell someone countless times

to quit smoking,

stop working 100 hours a week,

or leave an abusive relationship

but until that person’s heart and mind is open for change it won’t happen.

There is a time for everything

and this can be different from person to person

but when the student is ready the teacher appears.

It is Never Too Late to Change

Even though Julian was over 50 years old,

he saw value in living whatever time he had left

(after a major heart attack) in a more meaningful way.

The richness he got from that experience

with the monks was enough to provide meaning back into his life

and best of all he went on to share that knowledge with others.

If we measure our life in terms of quality not quantity,

then it is easy to see it that the lesson learned in life is the following:

it’s never too late to try something new

take on a change,

or live as the person we would like to be.

Take Action and be Brave

Faced with a dramatic life decision to continue being a lawyer and die,

or take on a new way of life,

Julian was faced with

what many would view as a “life crisis”.

Instead of wishing for his old health back,

being angry he had a heart attack (why me?)

or being frozen with fear,

Julian was brave and took action.

Dramatic action,

he decided to seek spiritual meaning in his life.

Julian didn’t need to consult with anyone over his decision,

because he was following his heart

and knew that was the right path for him, which leads me to another point…

Trust Your Own Personal Legend

If you trust your heart,

life will lead you to your life’s legend,

your dharma.

Due to societal influences

many people follow a path that is not true to their calling

and based on expectations others have of them.

If we all learn from Julian

and follow a path that is true for ourselves

like Julian we will experience happiness,


and the gift of helping others because of it.

Stay Humble, Respect Others, and Help Others

Even though Julian’s level of awareness was greater

than many of his lawyer colleagues,

his approach was humble.

Julian was tasked by the monks to go and spread his knowledge,

but he intelligently took on the approach of helping those who were open to the possibility,

which ties in to point #1 “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

In accomplishing his task for the monks Julian was respectful;

he did not force his views on others

or look down on those leading a different life than he was living.

For those that were open to receiving his knowledge

Julian was willing to help and give back

because he had been guided in the same way and wanted to be of service to others.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, I truly believe

this life is about the love we give

and the help we provide to others.

If we focus on these two things, everything else that’s meaningful in life falls into place.

I love the reflection this book provoked in my own life

and I try actively practice the teachings I gained from it….

A favourite of mine is

to re-frame any negative moment

thought or event into a positive.

The sadness, anger, confusion…whatever it may be, quickly melts.

Perhaps the greatest gift that came from this book is knowing that

happiness based on the simple things is the richest life

That doesn’t mean we can’t have nice things or enjoy them, it just means

that if tomorrow, all those things were taken away,

we would still have happiness in our lives,

because we truly know what matters.

Things like love, friendship and contribution to those around us.

It’s the simple things in life that matter

They are free, an in abundance all around us

We just have to be open to them.

That’s a message I often share with the yoga classes I teach

and try to share them with others and remind myself of them.

If you’re wondering where to begin,

Click pic below for my list of Top 10 Things to Simplify


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