Entrepreneur’s Guide to Mindfulness

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What does mindfulness have to do with entrepreneurship?


Because when we’re mindful we become better people and better entrepreneurs for it.

We can get over the hurdles that much faster, bounce back, and reach new heights because of it.

As a yoga teacher, I find that mindfulness can extend beyond our yoga mats and into our daily lives. We become better people for it, but it takes practice because mindfulness is exactly just that…..a practice.

So what does being mindful mean exactly?

It means you’re very aware of “what is” in the present moment. So for example, if you’re being a jerk to everyone around you but you’re aware of it, then you can change it. When we’re mindful, we’re hyper aware of “what is” and the present moment. We’re not stuck thinking about the past or feeling anxious about the future.

Practicing mindfulness means accepting that the only moment that exists is this one.

The past already happened and the future hasn’t happened yet.

The past is your memories only and the future is a figment of your imagination. The only real moment, the only moment that truly exists, is this one right here. As you read these words on the screen and you are fully present to the experience, you are living this moment. Your mind is in the now.

As entrepreneurs we can apply this concept of mindfulness, as a way to stay on course.

It’s normal to go through a range of roller coaster emotions as entrepreneurs….what if it doesn’t work out?

What if I fail?

What if that wasn’t a good decision?

Noticing these worries, you can see a common trend in all of them….

You are stuck worrying about the past, or worrying about the future.

Really think about it.

In this moment, are you failing?

Did it not work out in this moment of is it still yet to be seen?

Most times if we’re really living in the present moment, there’s not as much to worry about.

Instead we can flip the question and ask “what can I do in this very moment?”

Think about what’s possible for you to do right now, this very second that can help you. When we break it down to taking action, whatever it might be, in this very moment.. it starts to feel less overwhelming as we focus on our “next step right now”.

Let’s say you’re struggling for cash.

Your business isn’t going as well as you planned, customers have cancelled and before you know it you’re down $3,000 in a month...ouch!. So what do you do?

Instead of worrying to yourself thinking I just lost $3,000! You can flip the switch and try, “what can I do right now that will get me closer to earning $3,000?”

See how one way is focused on the past, and what already happened (losing $3,000) and the other is focused on what we can do in the present moment. If you focus on taking actions right now to get you closer to the $3,000 you are already taking care of the future.

Mindfulness also means tuning into our “internal chatter” and observing our thoughts in action.

The more we “watch ourselves”, the more we can come from a place of conscious choice rather than just reactionary.

Let’s say your normal tendency is to snap back at someone when you get cut off in line, but now that you’ve been practicing mindfulness you’ve started observing yourself and notice that when something unexpected happens you feel anxiety, start feeling hot, making your face red, heart race and then it quickly turns to anger.

So the next time you get cut off, you notice you start feeling hot again but this time you recognize that this hot, boiling feeling inside will quickly turn to anger so rather than exploding you observe it and choose to not react in a negative way. Physically you might still feel the same reaction but now you’ve chosen a different outcome for yourself, a much better one.

As our mindfulness practice grows, we can eventually get to a place where we can monitor the quality of our own thoughts before they are spoken and before they are accepted as a truth by us.

By controlling our minds we can exert the greatest power and influence over our lives.

Imagine being in a hard moment of struggle, where normally we would tumble into sadness, depression and anger but this time we have enough emotional and mental intelligence to reframe the moment in our minds in a way that serves us.

How powerful would that be?

So you see, mindfulness is a lifelong practice that can serve to improve not just our yoga practice but our business lives, personal relationships and relationship with ourself even more.

If you’re interested in finding out a practical way to implement mindfulness, download our guide "10 Mindful Minutes" or click on the picture below.

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