entrepreneurs giving back

Welcome to the Entrepreneurs Giving Back (EGB)!

We believe in the “teach a man to fish” philosophy by empowering entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries

We’re a group of entrepreneurs across: Canada, America & New Zealand (and growing!)

Our core members are: Kat (Katya) Dominguez <Founder>, Juan Canas, Maxie Ouyang, Mathias Ssenabulya, Yolande Grill, Jim Fernandez, Joe Dejene & Brittanie Campbell Turner

We’ve formed a mastermind group called Entrepreneurs Giving back that meets weekly every Tue @ 8pm PST to

talk about how we can bring entrepreneurship to developing countries, so we can help lift people out of poverty and improve their lives.

To get involved email: heartconsciousentrepreneurs@gmail.com

Our main focus right now is working with a women’s micro enterprise group in El Salvador ( Loma Linda).

This is a women’s sewing group that makes hand embroidered tortilla cloths.

In Feb 2015, I (Kat) went for a visit to see the women and brought back to Canada their hand made tortilla cloths raising over $600 for them to send back, which in turn they're now using for training on how to sew blouses, pants, and uniforms.

This is a picture of my recent visit to see these women in Feb 5, 2015

The rewards of meeting these women in person is intangible and an emotional moment that's hard to describe.

All the women thanked EGB for the support we've lent them and came up to me to do so.

Most of the women in the group are illiterate and live in a poor region in El Salvador that is poverty stricken, so this opportunity represents a life changing opportunity for them.

It's time to "be the change" as Ghandi said, and make a difference NOW.  We don't have to wait a lifetime to give back, and live with fulfillment, it can happen now.

Please follow and join along in our movement.

Too see the inspiration behind EGB click here.

18 Aug 2015

A note from Dennis updating on his visit to see the Loma Linda ladies

Hello Entrepreneurs Giving Back

Last fall you made a donation of $632 for 2 Salvadoran students to receive scholarships. During my visit to El Salvador last September I gave this money to Miguel to distribute once the students were selected.
At our mission this past July, Miguel passed on to me a few documents. You will find in the attachment the following.
  • a copy of the receipt for the funds
  • two letters regarding Victor Villata, one of the students receiving a scholarship
  • personal information sheets about each student including an address and phone number so that you can communicate with them directly
It has taken almost a year for all of this to happen and I really appreciate your patience. Thank you for supporting these two students."
Regarding the sewing committee in Loma Linda, I was not able to meet with them directly. But we did receive from then some embroidery which we auctioned among our team members while in El Salvador.
Here is how the auction was conducted. It raised several hundred dollars for the sewing committee.
Thanks for your support. Dennis

05 Feb 2015

Kat went to visit Loma Linda ladies in El Salvador representing EGB and connect with the women for the very first time. An emotional visit, where ALL the women from the community took a bus ride (over 2 hours) just to come and meet.

Kat gave a presentation in the Cripdes Office on our dream for EGB and how we wish to help this community  in Loma Linda lift themselves out of poverty through entrepreneurship and have a better life.

Despite the obstacles and frustrations we've faced in the past year: broken communication, ladies having to take a bus to talk on skype, cultural barriers, slow action etc....in this moment you realize why it's all worthwhile and why we have to keep going.

Thank you to all the EGB members for continuing on this journey together.

02 October 2014

Loma Linda - Kiva Project by Joseph Dejene

It seems that a gang made up of members in the La Libertad region have claimed territory near La Loma. Because of this, it is no longer safe to physically visit there.

However in Loma Linda, there is a women's sewing committee who market locally. They are a small group and are making slow progress. They could use support in additional training in better sewing skills and in machine maintenance, and in marketing.

As a mid-term project, our team at Entrepreneurs Giving Back are setting up a Kiva account for these group of women so that they can gain some financial support. Having watched a meeting with the Loma Linda Directorate and a woman called Hilma, it is clear that they could really use better, working machinery and increased the number of women from the community joining their group.

Watch this space. The Loma Linda Kiva account will be coming very soon and we would love your support to donate to this brave group of women.

Much love to you all,

Entrepreneurs Giving Back team

'We can be the change.'


24 September 2014

Scholarships for Two students in El Salvador


Our Entrepreneurs Giving Back group collectively made a personal donation of $USD600 for the non-profit organization Project El Salvador - Scholarship Fund.

Here is what Dennis sent to us:

"Katya provided me with more than $600 US to be used to fund the education of two youth in El Salvador. I will take these funds with me when I leave tomorrow and deliver them to Miguel who will see to it that they get to the scholarship managers. Know that all of the funds will go to scholarships. As you know, there is no overhead at all. We will have to wait to see who the recipients are. I will request photos of the recipients and some information about them. I hope we can track them as well as possible so that you can see for yourself what fruits your generosity brings."

It was a really beautiful thing to be able to give back in the form of the gift of education, as we really do believe it can lift people out of poverty.

It costs $USD300 to sponsor a high school or university student to receive education for one entire year.

If you or a group of people would like to raise enough money to fund one child's high school or university education for one year, send us an email at maxieouyang@gmail.com.

We'd be happy to send you updates, photos and videos of the sponsored children and what your amazing contribution has done for them.

Here is a video of a sponsored high school student at the age of 21, who dreams of making a better difference for the people in his community. His name is Henry Escalente Cortez, a Grade 12 student from El Farro.

Last summer, there was also a meeting with the scholarship recipients.

What an amazing group of people.

We hope these videos truly struck a chord in your heart.

They sure did for us.


Much love to you all,

Entrepreneurs Giving Back team

'We can be the change.'


04 August 2014

Microfinancing Does Not End Poverty! - by Yolande Grille

Two weeks ago during a mastermind meeting, I found out something that stopped me in my tracks. I found out that microfinancing does not end poverty.

I was shocked.

I was too shocked to interrupt and argue.

I had a lot of myself invested in this idea and I had talked some of you with the help of this community into doing it. And now this aha moment.

Our Entrepreneurs Giving Back (EGB) Core mastermind had a guest speaker and she was an expert. I think I learned more that night from CJ about social enterprise and making a difference than I had all the previous years in my life put together. And she said it. She told us that it’s a myth that microfinancing ends poverty.


Even before this call. At some level inside of me I was skeptical about the whole Kiva thing. I can’t believe that I’m admitting this here. I always wondered how poor people always managed to pay back their loans. Yes, I worried about each of my measly $25 which by our standards here in the US hardly buys you a steak in a nice restaurant. I really wondered if they are so poor, how will they ever manage to pay back the loans? I wondered at some level but always put my skepticism aside and continued to lend because I was too lazy and had no time to do anything else. And with time, I convinced myself that I was making an amazing difference and forgot to be skeptical.

And now, she was telling us that people don’t understand poverty. That people lend thinking they were helping to end poverty when in fact we weren’t.


What she told us next changed everything for me. She started to tell us about the benefits of microfinancing and the effect it has on the poor families and communities. She told us how poverty is riddled with ups and downs, and periods of feast or famine. She told us that our loans make a difference in whether someone gets to put food on the family dinner table predictably. She told us that our loans address the “feast or famine” effects of poverty. What microfinancing does is smooth out the harshness of poverty by eliminating the ups and downs of it.

Ups and downs! Feast or famine swings! As entrepreneurs, we all know this reality too well. Even if it’s a far gone reality that we may have shoved somewhere in the back of our minds, if we truly started or are starting from nothing, we have all known the swings of feast or famine.

And, because we are entrepreneurs, we know how tempting it is to put those last few dollars into our business and deny ourselves or our children something. Maybe even that nice meal! BTW, if you would rather eat than fund your Why, you may not have what it takes. I know that sounds harsh but entrepreneurship for me is about making choices and believing in something so strong that you are driven to give it all.

Having participated in Kiva now for a number of years, I know that the entrepreneurs I help have what it takes. They sometimes repay my loans pennies at a time. But they always have repaid.

Kiva is aligned with The Foundation principles of community. The entrepreneurs are chosen because they have a circle of friends that have made a commitment to help them succeed. Just like us!

We are now 61 members strong. We have made 118 loans totaling $3750 in less than two months. We ranked #2 for new users last month and for August we want to be #1. It's already August 4th and we need you to show us that you've got what it takes. These people are building something just like we are. Choose entrepreneurship!

Won’t you please join us? Join our The Foundation Kiva Team.

Click Here and to donate as little as $25 through Kiva. Join our team by either typing our name - The Foundation Kiva Team in or clicking on our picture.


10 July 2014

The Foundation Kiva Team - Entrepreneurs Giving Back to Entrepreneurs!

In ONE day, we added 24 members.

We went from $575 last week to $$3,225. We now have 53 members and have had 103 micro-financing loans.

A massive shout out to Carl Mattiola who encouraged many other entrepreneurs to join The Foundation Kiva team after his webinar. Over $1000 in impact was donated to 3rd world entrepreneurs as a result of him promoting the cause.

Don't let this momentum stop. Keep spreading the word so we can help 3rd world entrepreneurs create a better life for their children, their families and their communities.


Much love to you all,

Entrepreneurs Giving Back team

'We can be the change.'


17 June 2014

Shut Up and Listen - Dr Sirolli by Juan Canas

We are taking the principle of Idea Extraction to our "customer" - entrepreneurs living in 3rd world countries. They already know what the problem is and how to solve it. If it works for business why can't Idea Extraction work for social enterprises too?

THIS is our stating point.

To anyone and everyone interested in helping others, the key is NOT to provide a solution.

It's about Shutting up and Listening! And that's exactly what we are going to do.


15 June 2014

WHY? Why should entrepreneurs give back? by Katya Dominguez

I've created a group called Entrepreneurs Giving Back for those that would like to join the movement.

It's about making the positive change we want to see in the world NOW instead of waiting for tomorrow and helping those less fortunate.....it's about serving a higher calling...beyond SAAS and beyond money to something so much more. When we come together, we can do so much more.

Imagine building schools in places like Africa, Brazil or El Salvador to teach TF way to empower ENTIRE communities so that a better life (that they could only once imagine) is now possible...imagine providing access to clean water, imagine removing hunger from tiny little baby bellies or feeding malnourished kids, imagine families smiling again after so much hardship....imagine the feeling you will have in your heart knowing that you've made a real difference and that because of you there are others in this world that can breathing a little easier and can have a better life.

It's about connecting to what gives life true meaning...it's about serving others....it's about giving back.

Life is short and we've got to make an impact to better this world, because in the end all that matters is:

1. Did I live?
2. Did I love?
3. Did it matter?

If you want to live, love and make an impact this is for you. As a community we can dream bigger, create bigger and make a bigger impact than doing it alone, so let's work together and watch the incredible journey that will unfold.

As a member you can help in a lot of different ways by giving a % of profits from your businesses to help funding, by giving your time, and/or contributing ideas.

Thank you for your kindness

Thank you for your generosity

I'm looking forward to dreaming about what we can do together and making it a reality xo

Love Kat