Am I Making a Difference?

Have you ever wondered: Am I Making a Difference? Does what I’m doing matter?  Does anybody care? For the past year, my friends and I from Entrepreneurs Giving Back have been trying to make a difference by working to help a women’s sewing group from a rural community in Loma Linda, El Salvador. Our whole philosophy…

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Smiling: A Guide to One of the Most Powerful Gestures

smiling kids

Happiness Rushing to the Surface….. The Bashful Flush Before It Or The Pause Before Big Laughter…. It Starts With A Smile. Remember how many smiles you gave out as a kid? Those carefree days of sweet existence, giggles and smiling. Smiling was easy then And it also didn’t take much….. A game A book A friend A…

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It Doesn’t All Have To Turn To Bleeep

I remember that day very clearly. I was at the lowest point in my life. Mom was in the hospital, someone I loved so much, and there was nothing I could do about it. I had spent another night trying to sleep in the chair beside her but hadn’t slept a wink… I was exhausted.…

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