Am I Making a Difference?

Have you ever wondered: Am I Making a Difference? Does what I’m doing matter?  Does anybody care? For the past year, my friends and I from Entrepreneurs Giving Back have been trying to make a difference by working to help a women’s sewing group from a rural community in Loma Linda, El Salvador. Our whole philosophy…

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Entrepreneur’s Guide to Mindfulness

conscious entrepreneur, mindful

What does mindfulness have to do with entrepreneurship? Everything. Because when we’re mindful we become better people and better entrepreneurs for it. We can get over the hurdles that much faster, bounce back, and reach new heights because of it. As a yoga teacher, I find that mindfulness can extend beyond our yoga mats and into…

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When Life B*tch Slaps You

We’ve all been there. Life just B*TCH SLAPPED you HARD across the face .and it sucks. You hate your job, you’re broke, broken hearted, packed on a few pounds…. who knows….. but all you know is that when you look in the mirror you just don’t feel good, and even worse, you just don’t feel good about life. You…

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It Doesn’t All Have To Turn To Bleeep

I remember that day very clearly. I was at the lowest point in my life. Mom was in the hospital, someone I loved so much, and there was nothing I could do about it. I had spent another night trying to sleep in the chair beside her but hadn’t slept a wink… I was exhausted.…

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How To Start A Profitable Business in Less than 6 Months

I was asked to speak by The Foundation at the live event in Colorado to a room full of entrepreneurs on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. It was a talk on how to start a profitable business in less than 6 months, without an idea, without any money, and without any special knowledge on…

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