Kat – Passion, Purpose and Meaningful Contribution

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Although my life has been blessed with good times, family and friends, there was a

dramatic turning point that came to my life in 2013.

2013 was a special year for me because it was the year that I decided I was finally going to take the plunge and JUST DO IT.

I was going to try my hand at becoming an entrepreneur.  

Since I knew nothing about starting my own business, I decided to join The Foundation a program where I could learn everything on the fly.  My goal was to have my first 10 paying customers in 6 months by June 2014.

After getting over my fear of telling my family and friends about becoming an entrepreneur, I found out they were incredibly supportive…..and so, I was on my way.

The program started in Nov and by Dec 17th I had my first pre-sale of $600.  I still have that picture with my first cheque smiling in front of the xmas tree…..wow it was unreal.

So early on in my journey, I had written out my WHY (the big reason I’m doing what I’m doing) and had made a promise to myself that on my first paying customer I would start my dream of giving back and so I took $60 from the $600 and put it towards supporting women’s micro enterprises in El Salvador. Shortly after I got my 2nd pre-sale and life seemed pretty good.

Then over xmas I went to El Salvador & Guatemala, and it was a great time but when I came back everything changed.

There was a shift, I felt sad and I stopped taking action.  

I fell behind on content, stopped hustling and went off the radar.

2 weeks went by

3 weeks went by

6 weeks went by

Before I knew it I was really far behind and had blown a lot of time. I felt embarrassed.  When I told a friend in the program he was like “you have paying customers and you stopped taking action? That’s crazy!  I would kill to be in that position, you’re lucky” and then I felt even worse and more guilty.  I didn’t want to tell anyone what was going on and so the downward spiral kept going

I knew something was up & I had to get to the bottom of it.  

Why was I scared to take action?

I knew taking action was getting me results…..so why was I sabotaging?

I had customers but I wasn’t delivering….if I kept going that way, pretty soon, I wasn’t going to have a business anymore…

So I went back to my WHY

Early on, I wrote out my WHY and looked at it everyday.  Then I recorded my WHY and listened to it everyday but somewhere along the way I stopped….and I didn’t know….well…..why?

After going back to my WHY I saw a very strong theme of family, friendship, and giving back.

I decided to explore this on a deeper level by talking with my family and friends because they know me so well…and also doing self reflection and meditation.

And so my real journey began.   

Going deeper in my WHY meant going back to a really hard time for me when I lost someone I really love and still deeply care about to this day.  My mom.

I started to reflect on what made her life great and what made her life really worth living?

it wasn’t the house, the car, her job or any of her things….because when she went she took nothing….her clothes, the dishes, her books….everything was left behind….even her body.

In the end it all came down to the people by her bedside.  It was the relationships.  It was the way she laughed and loved and impacted the lives around her. It was the people that told me that she helped them or believed in them when no one else would, it was the people that told me she inspired them, it was the people that told me that she was their inspiration like she was mine….and made them want to be a better person that made me realize that’s what gives life meaning and makes life worth living.  

So there I was reflecting and then suddenly fragility of life dawned on me.

We just don’t know.

We don’t know how much time we have

1 day from now

6 years from now

40 years from now

30 min from now.

We just don’t know. So by not taking action, I felt it was in a way, taking life for granted & assuming those same gifts and opportunities would be there in the future when they may not be….so I chose right then to not take life for granted and honour the loss of my loved one by fully appreciating all that life was offering me and acting on it.

The more in touch we are with the fragility of life the more we realize we have to live right now.

Love right now

Forgive right now

Laugh right now

Take the plunge right now

Be ourselves right now & appreciate everything you have in your life.

Right now is the moment.

There is no other perfect moment.

This is the moment to give your life meaning, to connect with others, help others and give back.

In my life that’s translated to teaching yoga, volunteering as a Big Sister with a little one and giving money to charities like Red Cross, Save the Dolphins and things like that.  The thing with that is though, it’s either on a small scale, with BBBS it’s just one kid, or not consistent like my donations to charity….but all that was changing because here was an opportunity to start a business, build a business and give back on a consistent basis.

The more successful the business becomes, the more I can give back and because it’s reoccurring SAAS type, I can do it on a consistent basis.  From day 1 that was my promise to myself, if I got my first paying customer I would start my dream of giving back on a bigger scale and so I did.

In the end we’re here, not just because we’re trying to build businesses, but because we’re looking to give life meaning.  We could build our business alone, but we chose community because that’s what gives it meaning.

Coming together it what makes it significant

Let’s go beyond JUST the money, or just the profit, or just getting more of the material shit that won’t really make a difference to our happiness in the long run……let’s focus on what really gives life meaning……




If we all took a slice of our businesses and directed funds towards passion, purpose and contribution, we could do more. Together we can directly tie our success to helping more people, impacting more people, and helping someone breathe a little better because you came into this world.

We can dream bigger.

Because the truth is, you and I could’ve just as easily been born in a favela in Brazil, a slum in India or a ghetto in America….or maybe we already come from there….and look at the potential, look at what’s possible of becoming.

Right now there are people waiting to be discovered, that with the right opportunity like, can flourish and grow.

And on the same note, the more we give back the more we flourish and grow.

And that’s what this community is about. It’s about living life on a meaningful level, on the next level.

It’s about Heart Conscious Entrepreneurs that live deeply fulfilling lives whereby business success and philanthropy are one.

Welcome home