Who Are We?


Heart Conscious Entrepreneurs (HCE)

live deeply fulfilling lives

where passion and business success are one.

Kat (Katya) the Founder

If we all took a slice of our business

and put it towards

passion, purpose and contribution,

we could be more

we could do more.

Together we can directly

tie our success to helping more people,

impacting more people,

and help someone breathe a little easier

because you came into this world.

We can dream bigger.

Because the truth is,

you and I could’ve just as easily been born

in a favela in Brazil,

a slum in India

or a ghetto in America….

or maybe we already come from somewhere like there, like me

and we've become so much more

than just another story ….

look at what’s possible

Right now there are people waiting to be discovered,

amazing people who deserve a better chance

that with the right opportunity,

can flourish and grow.

And on the same note,

the more we give back

the more we flourish and grow.

And that’s what this community is about.

It’s about getting on the next level

living life on a meaningful level

It’s a community of Heart Conscious Entrepreneurs

that live life without regrets

Because we come from a deeply meaningful place.

Welcome home